The no 1 problem after purchasing a new home is just finding the way to make it feel yours and it is normal for that process to take a while. Usually making a new place feel comfortable means having to bring in the furniture you’re already accustomed with but there is a trick to making you feel yourself again in a new space: accents. Buy that wallpaper that you love or that vase or redo the flooring. What I found to be very welcoming are traditional rugs. This is a great alternative to having to change the flooring thanks to the protection they provide. If you are looking for a good provider of such rugs do not hesitate to visit MyRugStore’s website.

Moving has been proved to be not only exhausting but also impacting on the general health of the individual and that is normal when you think that in implies having to completely change your environment, having to get used to new rooms and living spaces and sometimes having to change your habits. The best way to look at this is by seeing the new opportunities behind the change. It’s your chance to reinvent yourself, redefine or improve. Think of all the elements in a home that make you feel comfortable and turn the new space in to your own little oasis.

There is nothing healthier than living in a home you love even if that takes a little bit of time and effort, it is worth it because you can not only feel the results but it will be obvious in every action you start.

Having a beautiful garden where you can have breakfast or just coffee in the morning can really improve your day. Also having a beautiful dining room has been proved to make you digest better so why not do a little redecorating in order to make you feel better than usual on a daily basis.

I found traditional rugs to work best in living areas where they can make the room feel familiar and comfortable or in study rooms giving a more distinguished look to the place.

Colored kitchens make you feel happy and a simple dining room implies easy maintenance, but that is just me. The man idea here is that having your own space is not enough. The most important thing is to make it your own. To give it the details that will make you think: “wow, this room really is beautiful, I’m so glad I choose that lamp”. There is nothing more boring than feeling like you’re in a hotel room all the time so why not take a few moments to look around and turn that house into the home that you and your loved ones will love for years to come.

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